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Most kits are 100% bolt-in, no drill, no cut, no weld and no special tools required for installation! An experienced wrencher should be able to install various systems in 1 to 3 hours.

ASAM & CRM rear axle mounts are bolted to axle and frame members. Air springs are fastened at both ends. They're designed to allow full travel of factory & lifted suspensions. 4" & 6" lowering CRM kits require limiting chains to be installed and are provided with those kits.

Installation instructions or videos are available for some applications. We ship most kits pre-assembled with some fittings and air lines mounted and leak tested. Connections via compression or push to connect fittings will need to be performed by the installer. All air systems are built, bench tested for operation and checked for leaks prior to shipment.  Please read the manual that accompanies any Viair compressor purchase. A system rated less than 100% duty cycle should not be used to fill tires or blow horns.

Kits are laser cut from 304 Stainless Steel that has a tumbled finish or A36 Carbon Steel that is formed, welded, sandblasted, chemically washed and powder coated with the toughest finishes currently available.  We can provide basic colors upon request, at additional expense. Fasteners provided are grade 5 or grade 8. Flange Head & Carriage styles are used for safety, convenience and reduce installation time.

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Stainless Steel mounts are warrantied for life. Carbon Steel mounts, fittings & fasteners are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of five years from date of purchase. The warranty is valid for original purchaser only. Original proof of purchase is required.

Air springs are warranted against manufacturing defects as long as you own them. The warranty is valid for original purchaser only. Rubbing, chafing, abrading, melting, overloading, corrosion, low or no air pressure damage, UV sunlight exposure cracking and/or road debris damage are not considered defects. Original proof of purchase is required.

Viair compressors, pressure switches and TGE aluminum air tanks carry a one year manufacturer warranty. GlowShift digital gauges carry a one year manufacturer warranty. Haldex solenoids, leveling and dump valves carry a one year manufacturer warranty. All warranties are effective from original date of purchase. Original proof of purchase is required.

This crack in the standard air fill line was caused by over tightening the 1" nut. Only 16 foot pounds of torque is recommended by the manufacturer. Please use caution with a 1" wrench. This setup was discontiued 03 August 2017.

Standard kits are supplied with DOT (Department of Transportation) rated brass compression type air fittings . We understand push connect fittings are quick and easy, but we believe compression fittings are an easier and stronger leak free connection for those not familiar with them.  With that said, We have been forced to use push to connect fittings in some kits. This allows installation within confined spaces. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE AIR LINE IS CUT AT A CLEAN 90 DEGREE ANGLE TO PREVENT LEAKS. A UTILITY KNIFE BLADE IS PREFERRED, DO NOT USE SIDE CUTTERS! INSURE THE AIR LINE IS COMPLETELY INSERTED INTO THE FITTING. Leak checking is customer responsibility. We use blue DOT rated air line. This provides a visible aid for others that service your vehicle. 

Standard kits are shipped with one air valve for filling. This air valve fills the springs simultaneously. This insures one air pressure in the system and increases safety should an air leak or rupture occur.  

New (Standard) Barbed Air Fill Schrader Valve. Started shipping 04 August 2017 in all kits.

New (Standard) Barbed Air Fill Schrader Valve. Started shipping 04 August 2017 in all kits.

As of August 4th 2017, we have changed the configuration of the air fill valve and line. Due to some cracking issues related to the brass bulkhead fitting and customer location preferences, we offer the new standard setup pictured. We tested this "Barbed" Schrader Valve at 175 psi for 96 hours under varying temperature extremes. No leaks were detected. Moving to this setup allows customers to place the valve in factory holes as shown on installation videos or any other safe convenient location desired.

The fill valve can be placed anywhere you desire. A 5/16" hole is required for mounting.  Securing the air line properly away from exhaust and operational suspension components is imperative, please use caution! Secondary fill lines and other upgrades are available on our "SHOP PAGE" should your application require.