09'-18' RAM 1500

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09’-18’ & 19’ Classic RAM 1500 (FACTORY SUSPENSION)


The rear multi link coil suspension of the Ram 1500 provides great ride quality, but suffers when towing a load. Installing the ASAM will provide complete adjustable control.

The ASAM works in tandem with the factory suspension to provide vertical lift controlled by you with air pressure. Any air source from a bike pump to an automatic air management system can be utilized. Please view our "AIR SOLUTIONS" page for detailed information.

Since introduction, this rugged kit has provided owners support and confidence while towing. Whatever you do with your truck, this kit will perform the task safely & effectively. Please review our "SAFETY" page.

Our design philosophy is to build them tough with quality components that perform without fail and stand behind every product 100%. Please view our "GENERAL INFO" page for detailed information.

Please "CONTACT US" with any questions.




09’-18’ Ram 1500 Installation Video

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09'-18' RAM 1500 Rear Axle for Factory Suspension (SQ5231762)

This kit contains two air springs & mounts with all installation hardware and 11' (Standard) barbed manual air fill line.


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2" Air Spring Upgrade (SQ6460207)

This is a 2" taller air spring upgrade used for Factory Suspensions that have 1” to 2.5” coil spacers, leaf spring risers and/or longer shocks installed. If factory shocks are maintained, this upgrade is typically not required. This upgrade contains two air springs and and will arrive pre-assembled. THIS PRICE IS HONORED AT TIME OF KIT PURCHASE ONLY.

Due to the numerous products available for raising the rear suspension, please Contact Us before you order. 

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New (Standard) Barbed, Manual Air Fill Valve. This setup ships with all kits as of 04 August 2017. This valve can be placed in factory holes dipicted in installaton videos or any safe conveniant location disered.

(PACKAGE) 09'-18' Ram 1500 ASAM & Ram Storage Compartment Manual Control Air System (SQ5916252)

Packages are sent in one box to save shipping cost and keep all parts together. Package Includes: 09'-18' Ram 1500 Rear ASAM for Factory Suspension & Ram Storage Compartment Manual Control Air System. Components are built on demand, bench tested and shipped with all parts required for installation. Typical shipment is 10 business days or less.

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