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We are a small veteran owned family business formed in 1996. Since, we have been involved with numerous facets of transportation and fabrication industries. Our expertise lies in the ability to design & fabricate any one off product challenge presented.

This current endeavor started when we needed an air spring solution for a 2010 Ram 1500. Nothing on the market turned us on. We embarked on a two year journey to produce our own no cut, no drill, easy and safe bolt-on solution. After several prototypes, months of research and testing, we had a product worthy of expectations. The "ASAM" (Air Spring Assist Mount) was born.

Extremely happy with performance, we thought others may be in need.  We decided to present the ASAM direct to the public via the internet only. The learning curve was long, still is. The first objective is service. We want all potential and existing customers to contact us directly for anything they require. This thinking has served all very well.

The second objective is to produce a quality American made product with top shelf parts that perform everyday without fail. There's nothing more aggravating than cheap fittings that won't hold air or cheap bolts that break. Experience has dictated that quality design and parts make for happy customers, and value is remembered long after price is paid!

Since our first introduction, We have produced a great number of ASAM's, Coil Replacement Mounts "CRM" and Air Management Solutions "AMS" that follow the same objectives we started with.

Ram & Dodge is our primary focus. We know the product lines very well and have great relations. We do work with several other models, please view the individual application pages for details.

Commitment to quality and service has grown our small business in several directions. It's never easy, but extremely gratifying. We want to say "Thank You" to every customer who has contributed to our success!

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Our first ASAM for 09'-18 Ram 1500

Our first ASAM for 09'-18 Ram 1500