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We have developed several automatic and manual control air management solutions that compliment our air spring mounts. We have wrestled with this task for a long time. We don't like electronic interfaces, relays, valves or solenoids. Components tend to be cheap, short lived, leak air, need batteries and malfunction when you need them the most. 

We have carefully chosen vendors and parts we trust. Systems are designed to be easily installed, serviced or trouble shooted/replaced should a problem arise. All of the "Guess Work" on component placement and wiring has been done. D.O.T. compression, push to connect fittings and air line is supplied to eliminate leaks. Automotive Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) wire is utilized for safety and temperature extremes. We have eliminated many of the electronics and headaches found in current market systems. We have kept them as mechanical as possible to provide a robust dependable system.


09'-18' RAM 1500 Fully Automatic Control. This is a 100% bolt in, no drill, no cut installation with complete plug & play wiring harness.

09'-18' RAM 1500 Fully Automatic Air System (SQ9228463)

***New Design includes custom 2 gallon aluminum air tank, water trap and more compact mounting structure to hide behind front bumper. New pics will be available soon.***

This system is literally set it, and forget it. It will maintain the level you set no matter the load within the GVWR or GCVWR of your truck. It is frame mounted behind the front bumper. Air springs are automatically controlled independently via adjustable Haldex Class 8 leveling valves. 

Components are built on demand, bench tested and shipped with all parts required for installation. Typical shipment is 10 business days or less.



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Each air spring is automatically controlled via Haldex Class 8 delayed action leveling valves. This valve delays action 8-12 seconds to greatly conserve air consumption. These valves are utilized on commercial & industrial equipment world wide.

This video is for visual purpose only. Due to numerous detail, separate written instruction is provided that follows the sequence shown.